How do I find my ring size?

My first tip is to avoid any and all online ring sizing apps or printables. The vast majorities of requests to exchange sizes are because of these. In my experience, they're more trouble than they're worth.  I recommend getting one of my handy ring sizers that are like a zip tie that doesn't stay zipped. They're reusable and come with my advice on sizing, which goes as follows:

If you're putting together a stack ~3/8" wide or more, I recommend going up a half size; ~1/2" wide or more, I'd recommend ordering a full size larger than what you'd normally wear for an average, narrow band.

Keep in mind that your fingers will likely change with the temperature. A ring that fits during summer might be a little loose in cold weather, and a ring that fits during winter might feel a little snug when it’s hot. Mine fluctuate almost a full size between the seasons.


When will my order ship?

I'm a one woman show and I make orders as I get them. I'm hurrying, I promise, but quality is my #1 concern. I want to be happy with your order just as much as I want *you* to be happy when you receive it. Handmade takes time, and right now I'm running about two weeks between when I get an order and when I ship it out. 

Will I get a shipping notification?

Yep! When your order ships, you will get a notification including a tracking number.

Why haven't I gotten a tracking number or shipping notification yet?

Because your order hasn't yet shipped.

Why hasn't my order shipped?

The vast majority of my pieces are made to order and I fill orders as I get them. At any one time, I have a few dozen orders in my queue. I'm getting to yours, I promise, but I am only one person.

The tracking says _____, can you help?

Probably not. I don't have any additional information on the whereabouts of your package beyond what's shown on the USPS tracking website. If it's been a few days and it says "pre-transit," DO let me now because there's a chance it got fumbled between my house and the post office.

Why is my package taking so long?!

The USPS is doing the best they can with what they have. For months we've been seeing delays and tracking not updating for days. Your package is on its way, it's just taking the scenic route! And no, there's nothing I can do about it once it's in the hands of the postal service. I wish the packages good luck and godspeed when I drop them off and, short of delivering them myself, that's about all I can do. Yes, I'm frustrated too.


What's the best way to clean my Luckstruck jewelry?

Depends! If it's all silver (no stones) or with solid glass (meaning no paint or foilback), you can give it a good scrub with a soft toothbrush, warm water, and a drop of Dawn. If it's got a cabochon set it in, it depends on what it is -- if it's painted glass, you can carefully clean the silver as mentioned about *but avoid the cabochon so you don't damage the paint*. Same goes for foilback stones and turquoise. If it's just tarnished and not actually grimy, I recommend the Sunshine polishing cloths available in my shop under "Extras."