Cuff Set of 3 -- Western Floral and Rope

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I'm going to call these sterling silver cuffs the "cowgirl trio" set-- it includes one floral and two rope patterns. The floral pattern reminds me of tooled leather and a rope cuff on either side makes a fantastic set. The thing I like about cuffs is that since they fit close to the wrist, you can wear them 24/7 if you want. (Yes, I sleep with mine on.)

Each oval-shaped cuff measures about 2 1/2" by 1 7/8" and should fit a range of wrist sizes. The floral bangle is just over 1/8" (4mm) wide, while the rope bangles are just over 1/16" wide. Together, the set is right at 3/8" wide. I've oxidized them then buffed the high points to bring out the details.

***To ensure the longevity of your cuff bracelets, make sure you put them on correctly. The cuff can be gently (and slightly) reshaped, but repeated bending of the metal will cause it to become brittle and eventually break. Hold the cuff in the hand opposite the wrist on which you want to wear it, with the opening facing out. Push one end of the cuff into the soft spot inside your arm, an inch or so below your wrist. Lastly, "roll" the cuff around the back side of your wrist and into place. I have seen a lot of people struggle to put on a cuff bracelet, but if you do it like this, you should be able to do it easily!***

Each of my pieces is signed, dated, and marked "925" for sterling silver as space allows. This set will ship all boxed up and ready to be given as a gift (or kept). The last photo shows an example of my packaging (earrings not included, of course).